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Daredevil season 2 review: Welcome back, Frank


Daredevil’s second season is streaming right now on Netflix.

Daredevil season two is yet another love letter to the darkest, seediest and most brutal corners of the Marvel Universe.

Its strengths are many: the stellar fight scene choreography and unwavering commitment to recreating Matt Murdock’s world chief among them.

But for all those highlights, there are problems. Some wooden dialogue hampers otherwise engaging character interplay, while a few curious character choices keep the second season of the hit Netflix show from realizing its full potential.

Despite those flaws, Daredevil remains one of the best streaming series around, and is a must watch both for comics fans and anyone who just really enjoys watching people getting the shit kicked out of them.

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New Thor creative team announced


Marvel continues its cheeky teasers for a fall relaunch with this — seemingly the new creative team for Thor.

Goldilocks will be written by Jason Aaron of Punisher MAX and Wolverine and the X-Men fame, and drawn by Esad Ribic of X-Force and the Ultimates.

Aaron has attached himself to decidedly grittier characters thus far, so it should be interesting to see what he does with everyone’s favourite Asgardian.