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The Dark Knight Rises review

Tom Hardy and Christian Bale, as Bane and Batman.

Though the Dark Knight Rises is not a bad film, it is decidedly a mixed bag. There are some great moments, but some gaping flaws that cut it off at the knees and keeping it from, well, rising to great heights.

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The Dark Knight Rises Shooting

The now-infamous “Dark Knight shooting” took place in Aurora, east of downtown Denver early Friday.

The unfortunately named “Dark Knight shooting” is unfair on just about every level.

To clarify, this is a shocking and tragic incident, and no one is worse off than those who were killed or injured, and their families. No one can imagine their pain, and no one should forget that pain trumps any kind of anger or irritation felt by anyone else.

But there are other issues at play here, and things that need to be said.

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The new Dark Night Rises trailer

All signs point to this film being a worthy ending to Christopher Nolan‘s Batman mythos.

It also seems fairly evident that Tom Hardy has done some vocal overdubs for Bane, meaning that audiences shouldn’t have to endure an overly mumbly super-villain.

Now it’s just a painstaking couple of months wait until this gem hits theatres.