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Daredevil season 2 review: Welcome back, Frank


Daredevil’s second season is streaming right now on Netflix.

Daredevil season two is yet another love letter to the darkest, seediest and most brutal corners of the Marvel Universe.

Its strengths are many: the stellar fight scene choreography and unwavering commitment to recreating Matt Murdock’s world chief among them.

But for all those highlights, there are problems. Some wooden dialogue hampers otherwise engaging character interplay, while a few curious character choices keep the second season of the hit Netflix show from realizing its full potential.

Despite those flaws, Daredevil remains one of the best streaming series around, and is a must watch both for comics fans and anyone who just really enjoys watching people getting the shit kicked out of them.

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Kony 2012: comics did it better

Joseph Kony is an evil bastard.

And everything I learned about him I learned from comic books.

This might seem surprising, considering just how far Invisible Children’s “Kony 2012” viral video campaign penetrated pop culture.

This thing was everywhere. This is not an overstatement – to date, the video has garnered over 90 million views on youtube.

But as quickly as it rose to prominence, so did some rather harsh criticism. It’s summed up astutely by sociology and political science student Grant Oyston here.

Invisible Children was ragged on for a lot of things – the most egregious being that its video was too cut and dried, too black and white.

The fight between the Ugandan military and Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army isn’t a simple matter of good versus evil or right versus wrong.

There’s too much injustice and sadness spread out here for there to be a right “side” to root for.

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The new Dark Night Rises trailer

All signs point to this film being a worthy ending to Christopher Nolan‘s Batman mythos.

It also seems fairly evident that Tom Hardy has done some vocal overdubs for Bane, meaning that audiences shouldn’t have to endure an overly mumbly super-villain.

Now it’s just a painstaking couple of months wait until this gem hits theatres.