5 reasons Man of Steel looks awesome

DC and Warner have a lot riding on June 14, when Man of Steel hits theatres. But according to the film’s third trailer, things have moved in the right direction for Superman. Have a look here:

Here’s five reasons why Man of Steel looks like it’s poised to kick ass:

The action

Remember how good the fight scenes were in Superman Returns? Me either. Between an enemy that Superman can actually trade punches with (what up, Zod) to a huge battle over the skies of (presumably) Metropolis, this film looks like it could actually deliver on the action front.

The CG looks solid, too.


“So, I’m totally staying in these cuffs out of professional courtesy … you know that, right?”

The trailer seems to eschew comic book stereotypes and overall hokeyness for a real sense of honesty – something that’s difficult to pull off when your main character is an alien in tights who can fly. But you get a sense that everybody onscreen really believes in the film, and want it to come across as honestly as possible. That’s a tall order, but definitely the right idea.

The performances

Short of Russell Crowe’s faux-British accent (ehhhh), the performances here look really strong at first glance. Henry Cavill’s got the look for Superman – and it’s about time a bearded man of steel shows up on film. His speaking time is limited, but the exchange with Lois (Amy Adams) comes across as organic and lively.

Crowe’s dialogue is strong, even if the accent is a bit wonky, and Kevin Costner looks like a believable Pa Kent, too.

The music

It’s tough to top John William’s iconic Superman March – but it seems like Hanz Zimmer is on the right track. From a sombre-sounding piano at the outset to a pile of cascading strings and pounding drums at the end, the trailer’s music is the kind of slow burn that peaks at just the right time.

Zimmer has some big shoes to fit – but if no one really missd Danny Elfman’s Batman theme in Nolan’s Batman trilogy, then I’d say he’s got a shot.

No Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor



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