5 real life superheroes

Real life superheroes are on city streets all over, not just in the pages of comic books.

Sure, they might not fill out their costumes as well as their fictional counterparts, and superpowers are right out. But they are donning spandex and getting out there to help, as best they see fit.

Here’s a list of five superheroes that might live near you.

Wenatachee Deadpool


Turns out Marvel’s “merc with a mouth” actually lives in Wenatachee, Washington.

But this guy is a little more helpful than the comic-book version and offers his services via the flyer above.

Courtesy Don Seabrook

Wenatachee Deadpool told The Wenatchee World he chose the character “because I allied with his humour and his ideal that what once was bad can become something better.”

But not everything in a reformed mercenary’s life always goes to plan. “I tried to help a woman out of the rain the other day and she didn’t really want to take my umbrella,” he said. “I think she was kind of intimidated.”

Art imitating life, indeed.

Phoenix Jones

In 2011, Seattle-based crime fighter Phoenix Jones made headlines after getting himself arrested for his part in breaking up a supposed nightclub brawl.

Jones dodged the charges, but he’s one of the more intense crime fighters out there — his arsenal includes a taser, bulletproof vest, mace and tear gas.

He’s broken up plenty of altercations, but sometimes ends up a little worse for wear — Jones has reportedly been stabbed and had his nose broken while on patrol.

Toronto Batman

This guy is often seen in Young and Dundas Square in downtown Toronto. Toronto Batman is actually stand-up comedian Alex Brovedani, who dons the suit to busk.

Brovedani isn’t so much a do-gooder as he is a guy in a pretty decent batsuit who does a solid Christian Bale impression.

“It’s more of a fun thing,” Brovedani told the Toronto Star. “People started calling me an ambassador of Toronto.”


Courtesy reallifesuperheroes.com

It’s a minimalist name and a minimalist costume — Life is a self-styled superhero who works on the streets of Manhattan.

Rather than fighting crime, Life helps the homeless. He hands out necessities to those less fortunate in an attempt to make the world a better place.


Abyss is a Chicago-based crimefighter who hits the streets in a skintight suit and is armed with binoculars, a cell phone and a voice changer.

He’s pro the 99 per cent, as he was seen watching over members of Chicago’s Occupy movement on LaSalle Street last year.

You can add Abyss on Facebook here. Fittingly, his favourite quote is “with great power, comes great responsibility.”



  1. My name doesn't matter, it's my message that matters

    Reporters, please stop writing lame articles, comparing real life superheroes to fictional superheroes, and then trying to make us sound lamer than them. You show intellectual laziness by doing so. And superheroes don’t wear costumes, trick or treaters wear costumes.

    • Jordan

      Until you go out and feed the homeless or help a random stranger from being pushed around by thugs, I don’t think you’re in any position whatsoever to determine or dictate what a superhero is.

  2. Steve z

    I have met and patrolled with 3 of the real life superheroes , in Vancouver, toronto and Windsor. These people actually help the homeless. Toronto batman is Not a RLS. He is an entertainer, and is looking to make a name for himself. Please do no insult the true Real life superheroes out there by adding his name to the list.

  3. Steve

    wow these guys are lame… I understand we need more proactive security in our streets but these guys are nothing more than scrawny kids with no apparent ties to reality. I’d love to see one of them gunned down by some common no-name thug.

    But wait, here’s the funny part: most of these superheroes don’t intervene into potentially dangerous situations. Breaking brawls, even though this one up there got stabbed, is not inherently dangerous. Bouncers do it all the time.

    These guys are jokes.

    • Steve

      Yes, all scrawny kids. Thanatos is an ex vietnam vet who actually saw action and has seen a bit more reality than the armchair critic who wants to see them gunned down. Dude. If someone wants to go out and help people while in costume, then why are you trying to bully them with your ignorance and negativity. Are you helping people out there on the street or are you living the good life and just being critical on something you do not understand?

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