The top 5 geekiest bands of all time

Manowar, seen in all their leather-clad glory.

Anyone that thought geekiness is a trait only found in comics, television and film is sadly mistaken.

Here’s a look at five bands that proudly let their geek flag fly.

5. I Fight Dragons

This pop/rock band from Chicago plays pretty standard catchy pop music, with 8-bit sounds and textures layered over it.

You can tell that they’re acutely aware of the whole geek persona, and are pushing it. This, in turn, actually makes them less geeky.

4. Blind Guardian

Blind Guardian are one of the best metal bands of all time — but sweet Jesus, they are nerdy.

As if every second song being about Lord of the Rings wasn’t enough, the above video comes from their “in-game” performance from the video game Sacred 2.

When you’re actually performing in video games, that’s a new gold standard for geekiness. A fantastic band, though.

3. Powerglove

Powerglove is an American speed-metal band that has covered everything from the Power Rangers theme to the Inspector Gadget theme, alongside countless video game tunes.

The video above is a riff on Danny Elfman’s classic Batman theme — and man, does it rule.

2. The Protomen

The Protomen are a band that dress up like robots and play songs they’ve written based in the Megaman universe.

Not Megaman covers.

There’s a difference.

1. Manowar

Unlike many of the bands on this list — who are doing things with tongue firmly planted in cheek — Manowar are actually totally serious about what they’re doing.

And what they’re doing is playing in loincloths, riding horses, and exclusively singing about metal.


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