Daredevil season 2 review: Welcome back, Frank


Daredevil’s second season is streaming right now on Netflix.

Daredevil season two is yet another love letter to the darkest, seediest and most brutal corners of the Marvel Universe.

Its strengths are many: the stellar fight scene choreography and unwavering commitment to recreating Matt Murdock’s world chief among them.

But for all those highlights, there are problems. Some wooden dialogue hampers otherwise engaging character interplay, while a few curious character choices keep the second season of the hit Netflix show from realizing its full potential.

Despite those flaws, Daredevil remains one of the best streaming series around, and is a must watch both for comics fans and anyone who just really enjoys watching people getting the shit kicked out of them.

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It’s time to finally end The Simpsons

Please Fox, I'm begging you: it's time for this to end.

Please Fox, I’m begging you: it’s time for this to end.

Dear Al Jean, Matt Groening, Jebus, and anyone else who might be listening:

It’s time for The Simpsons to end.

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Destiny: 5 thoughts about Bungie’s new beta

Destiny's beta was open to Xbox Live users all weekend.

Destiny’s beta was open to Xbox Live users all weekend.

Xbox Live Gold members finally got the chance to try out Destiny’s beta build over the weekend – myself among them.

I spent quite a few hours since Friday night leveling up a warlock class character and checking out one of the most anticipated games of the fall.

While this is by no means a comprehensive review (seeing as this is a beta and not a finished game), here are five thoughts I had about Bungie’s new game while I neglected my social life.

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Transformers: In defence of crap


In the last couple days, I’ve watched a slew of publications gleefully pick apart every facet of Transformers: Age of Extinction. From plot to product placement, they’re skewering Michael Bay’s newest film with an intensity usually reserved for vultures on rotting meat.

To that, I just have one question.

What the hell did you expect?

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Breaking Bad season 5: Walt has to die

Seeya, Mr. Cranston.

There’s only one thing left for Walter White. Death.

After four and half seasons and one of the most satisfying character arcs on television, Bryan Cranston‘s career-defining character has nowhere else to go. Showrunner Vince Gilligan has achieved something incredible – almost imperceptively shifting Walt from sad-sack loser to tragic hero, and then tragic hero to full-on villain.

Invariably, by the end of the midway point of season five, it hits you – you’re no longer rooting for Walt. His cause is no longer noble and his flaws have consumed him. His ego, his pride and his thirst for absolute power have made him unrelatable and unlikable – traits hardly any protagonist can sustain for an extended period.

So he has to go.

With that spirit in mind, here’s a look at some possibilities for how the giant that is Walter White might meet his end.

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Why I spent $300 to go to a Neil Gaiman book signing and didn’t get anything signed

Neil Gaiman brought “The Last Signing Tour” to Toronto Tuesday night.

On Tuesday night, I spent $300 to go to the Neil Gaiman book signing at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto. I left without getting a book signed. Continue reading

Superman/Batman movie: why we should be wary

This image shouldn’t be reassuring anyone just yet.

Yup, it’s happening – the Superman/Batman movie was announced this weekend at San Diego Comic Con.

Man of Steel director Zack Snyder is at the helm, and is co-writing the story with David S. Goyer, who is slated to write the screenplay. Henry Cavill is back as Superman, and is bringing Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane from the MOS cast. No word on Batman yet, but it won’t be Christian Bale.

I’m approaching the whole thing with some trepidation. Why?

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Orange is the New Black another triumph for Netflix

Orange is the New Black is available on Netflix right now. Go watch it.

Netflix has really nailed it with the new jailhouse drama/comedy Orange is the New Black. It’s fun, it’s scripted and paced well, and it features some fantastic acting. It’s a reverse-Cinderella story that just hammers home that Netflix’s biggest strength actually lies in original programming.

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5 reasons why The Last of Us is probably the best videogame of all time

Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us is a marvel of gameplay immersion and storytelling.

I just finished The Last of Us.

I am not one to gush unnecessarily. I don’t usually heap praise upon anything. And I don’t usually write in the first person.

But that was goddamn incredible.

Top to bottom, I don’t ever remember being immersed in a game like that – to be gripped so completely and unable to stop playing. The Last of Us is all parts infectious (ha!), poignant, brutal and beautiful.

Everyone deserves to play this game. And here’s why.

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Arrested Development season 4 review: meh

Notice how this shot is clearly green-screened? Yeah, get ready for a lot of that.

The new season of Arrested Development is a dud. Much like a former lover who saunters back into your life after an extended absence…something’s just not quite right.

Sure, there are flashes of the chemistry that initially drew you to each other. But in the end you’re left with a hollow feeling and knowing that some things are best fondly remembered rather than trying to rekindle them.
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